About BBU

Business Broker University has but one goal; educating Business Brokers, prospective Business Brokers, and prospective Business Buyers and Business Sellers about the rules, the value and the process of Buying and Selling Small (Main Street) and Lower Middle Market Businesses. We provide proven systems, methods and “Best Practices” based on WHAT WORKS, so that the Business Broker will become the “Trusted Authority” in his / her market and be able to be more successful in helping his/her clients & customers succeed in Selling and/or Buying a Businesses.

To that end, we have pulled together the most experienced and respected educators and practitioners and support companies in the Business Brokerage Industry; Tom and Ron West of Business Brokerage Press (BBP), Ed Pendarvis, founder of Sunbelt Business Brokers and Business Buyers University (BBU) and BizBuySell, the world’s largest and most successful Business for Sale Multiple Listing Site with over 45,000 Business Opportunities listed and almost 1 million unique visitors per month.

Ed Pendarvis

Email: etp@sunbeltnetwork.com
Phone: 843-819-7842

Ron West

Email: info@bbpinc.com
Phone: 800-239-5085

We believe that owning your own business has rightly been called part of “The America Dream”. We also believe that buying an existing successful business or a successful franchise is a lot safer way of getting into business for yourself than starting a new business from scratch. However, great challenges exist in finding , valuing, financing and buying the right business. And, those challenges are exacerbated by the fact that almost all formal business education in colleges & universities, books and magazines, on TV and radio is based on “Big Business” (Wall Street) Rules. “Small Business” (Main Street) Rules are very different. That difference is significant and important .

We also believe that a more educated Buyer, Seller, Business Broker, Banker, CPA, Attorney and investor is much more likely to be a successful Buyer, Seller, Business Broker, Banker, CPA, Attorney and investor. Buying and Selling a family business is a major undertaking and is very often a “Once-in-a-Lifetime” event. Before you take that significant risk…., invest in a sure thing – INVEST IN YOURSELF by investing in your education and understanding of Small Business Rules.

Tom West, Ron West , Ed Pendarvis and BizBuySell have a lot of experience and expertise in helping Business Brokers, Business Buyers and Business Sellers get to their Goal Line. Between them, they have trained and educated more Business Brokers, helped more Buyers to Buy and more Sellers to Sell than anyone else in the world. That training, education and help is continuing anew and expanding in 2018 with Tom, Ron, Ed and BizBuySell partnering together in an educational enterprise, Business Broker University.

Tom and Barbara West (and their son, Ron) are widely considered the “First Family” of the Business Brokerage Industry. Tom started in Business Brokerage in Southern California in 1962 with Barbara’s Dad, Russ Wright (the “Old Pro”), and expanded into a 50 unit Brokerage firm in 10 states (UBI). In 1979, he went East to Boston to lead VR Business Brokerage into the largest small business franchise company in the world at that time. He left VR in 1983 to pursue a consulting and writing career founding Business Brokerage Press (BBP). He and Barbara were 2 of the founders of the Business Brokerage Industry Trade Group, the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), and they served as the Executive Director and (unpaid secretary) for the first formative 10 years.

Along the way, the “Next Generation” of the West Family, their son, Ron, joined the family business as President of BBP. Business Brokerage Press is the publisher of the Text for BBU Training, “The Complete Guide To Business Brokerage” and the industry standard guidebook for valuing businesses, the annual “Business Reference Guide”. And, BBP, through Ron’s knowledge and leadership in technology, also host and consults with many business broker Websites and IBBA Affiliate Websites through the DealStudio brand.

Ed Pendarvis founded Sunbelt Business Brokers in Charleston, SC in 1979. He left the industry for a few months in 1984 to make a race for Congress in the 1st Congressional District of South Carolina. However, the “Voters, in their wisdom”, voted for Ed to return to the field of Business Brokerage- which he did. Over the next few years he bought the other partners out of Sunbelt and in 1991 began growing Sunbelt through franchising. With the help of a lot of good folks, and The Good Lord’s help, Ed built Sunbelt into the largest business brokerage franchise network in the world with over 300 offices in the USA and 21 foreign countries.

A unique feature of Sunbelt, Ed did virtually all of the New Broker Training for the Sunbelt Offices for 15 years by traveling to a regional, hub city, each week and training new brokers and existing brokers, as well as “Training-the-Trainers” for others. Ed is a certified trainer at IBBA in “Introduction to Business Brokerage”, “Marketing”, “Recasting Financials”, “Pricing Level 1 & 2”, “Seller Financing”, “Franchise Sales” and many IBBA Workshops.

Ed is the author of 3 books, “Buying a Business to Secure Your Financial Freedom”, 2005, McGraw-Hill, the “Secrets of Buying The Right Business (for you) Right”, 2009 and “The BizBuySell Guide to Buying a Small Business” in Collaboration with BizBuySell.

Now, in 2018, Tom and Ron West, Ed Pendarvis and BizBuySell would like to invite you to join us as we share our experience, knowledge , training, and expertise in this most comprehensive, complete, real and relevant “Main Street” Training Program. Whether you are a prospective Business Broker or an existing Business Broker that would like to “Sharpen-your-axe”…., ( or a prospective Seller or Buyer that is considering Business Brokerage as a career) , this program is for you.

Please check out our Training Schedule and make a decision to join us…, and by-the-way, as a “BONUS INVESTMENT” in your professional success, BBU and Ed Pendarvis, CBI, will join you in “Ed Pendarvis & Friends, A Coaching Group Mastermind” and “Ask Ed” individual Coaching for 6 months following live training in Los Angeles and / or Charleston.